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Liberals are ruining the United States of America. There is no other way to describe what they are doing. This nation has witnessed uncontrolled leftism (or, as Hillary Clinton would say, progressivism) in several forms, from the Wilson administration’s fascist assault on freedom to the implementation of the ill-conceived Social Security apparatus to the family-destroying, poverty-promoting Great Society.

So then, how might we describe liberals and their goals for this country?

They would have you believe that they have advanced American society, promoting equality and strengthening our economy. Liberals have been pursuing an effort to fundamentally alter this country for decades.

Johnson’s Great Society and his War on Poverty was one of the major steps in the direction to creating a welfare state. It established government entitlement programs that were designed to eradicate financial suffering and create a “safety net” for our nation’s citizens.

Instead, he created a welfare system that has already begun to dominate federal spending. Federal pensions and entitlements have led to $61.6 trillion in unfunded liabilities, with some estimates stating that these liabilities, including state and local debts, are up to $130 trillion. This is one major result of liberal policies.

When you look at these figures, consider the irony involved when liberals accuse Republicans of being fiscally irresponsible with defense spending.

Medicare and Social Security are projected to reach 36% of the federal budget by 2020. In 2010, the spending on the above programs, in addition to Medicaid, equaled 10.3% of GDP. This figure, according to the Heritage Foundation, will reach 12.4% by 2020.

Here is a list of liberal “accomplishments” from over the decades:

1. A national debt level that exceeds 100% of GDP, which, in 2011, was $14.59 trillion.

2. An education system that is burdened down by unnecessary spending. Our nation now ranks in the middle or near the bottom in international comparisons, with American students ranking 25th out of 34 countries in mathematics in 2010.

3. An unemployment rate that, from the Democratic takeover of Congress in 2007, has risen from 4.6% in January 2007 to over 10% in October of 2009. It is now, officially, at 8.3%. The true unemployment rate, which includes disenfranchised workers who have exited the workforce, lies around 22.5%.

4. Liberals have given the aforementioned entitlement system, which has grown to consume a large amount of federal spending, leading this country toward bankruptcy with ever-increasing debts.

5. Liberal policies and intervention have led to the increasingly strict legal and extra-judicial restrictions on free speech. From the unfair Fairness Doctrine that was abolished in 1987 to persistent attacks on conservatives as “racists” and “warmongers,” liberals have acted to conceal their hateful messages by acting to portray us in a negative light.

The Left attempt to use these characterizations as justification to silence its opponents.

6. Liberals have given us increased controls on healthcare. State and federal mandates for insurance policies have increased costs and reduced access to care. The Left passed ObamaCare with very small margins in the House and Senate (after buying votes with favors), ensuring that many of the more destructive elements of the bill will be implemented in 2013 and beyond, after the upcoming elections.

This bill imposes damaging restrictions on businesses and individuals, ones that will greatly inhibit job creation and economic growth. Ultimately, these regulations will drive insurance companies out of business.

These policies are designed to set the stage for a government takeover of the healthcare system.

7. Liberals have given us an environmental movement that is based on lies. They promote policies such as cap and trade, which would dramatically increase taxation and restrict economic growth. The Left has used false science and fictional data (see: Climategate) to promote their agenda. By arguing that our society is at stake, they can justify efforts to infringe on our freedom.

8. Left-wing policies have caused the United States to become dependent on foreign sources of energy, while restricting the domestic oil industry. Liberals have implemented policies, such as the ban on offshore drilling, that prevent the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs. These burdensome policies are truly unacceptable, particularly in a country that is supposed to operate under a free market.

9. Left-wing, politically correct policies resulted in resource-consuming nation-building efforts that cost our soldiers’ lives and which have cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Rather than pursue victory, our nation has become involved in interventionist efforts with limited tactical and strategic value.

10. Liberals have promoted an abortion policy that has resulted in the deaths of over 54.5 million unborn children. This staggering, saddening figure is a testament to the growing immorality that has been spreading through our country. Liberals, who claim to represent and defend the vulnerable members of society, have openly supported pro-abortion policies.

Think of the potential that will never be realized as a result of this destruction of life.

11. Liberals have promoted an increasing amount of immorality in this country. Their welfare policies have resulted in the increasing suffering of single mothers across the country. They have also, in the name of “free-speech,” promoted a concerted effort to remove Christianity from the public forum. This contradicts the notion of true freedom of speech.

12. Liberals have undermined the constitutional framework that was designed to maximize freedom and limit government involvement in the affairs of our citizens. They have worked to expand government, claiming that these efforts are for the benefit of vulnerable Americans, despite evidence to the contrary.

13. Liberal policies have undermined the defensive capabilities of this nation. Left-wing policies caused stalemates in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Throughout the Cold War and the War on Terror, the Left has vocally promoted its anti-war, anti-military sentiment, criticizing brave soldiers who put their lives in the line.

Liberals have made efforts to reduce our military’s strength, such as the Obama Administration’s efforts to significantly cut defense spending. Throughout our history, there have been numerous external threats to our freedom and integrity. There has never been a time in which it would be advisable to reduce our military’s strength.

So, we can clearly see that liberalism has stood opposite prosperity and strength for our nation. It is critical that we elect conservatives who will unravel the destructive liberal agenda that is being forced upon us each day. Liberalism is a tool, one that’s used by the Left to obtain and expand its power. We must fight this by relentlessly promoting conservatism as the only alternative.

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