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Liberal Policies Haven’t Succeeded

Liberalism has failed to achieve its goals. The American left has, time and time again, provided this country with problems which grow to extreme extents. Unfortunately, millions of Americans believe that leftist policies are the path to eliminating the problems that we face, whether these are rising healthcare costs, social inequality, or issues with human rights.

Instead, leftist policies have led to increasing debt, security weaknesses, and suffering across our great nation. When President Obama took office in 2009, we were promised that unemployment would not rise above eight percent if the stimulus package was implemented. However, the unemployment rate rose steadily as these policies took effect. Unemployment figures reached 10 percent later that year.

Now it hovers at around the same rate as it was when Obama was inaugurated.

However, if the unemployment rate includes those who are underemployed or out of the workforce, the figure soars to over 14 percent (this figure is referred to as the U6 unemployment rate, if you’re interested in researching it).

Also, the Democrats have given us entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Obamacare. Ostensibly, these are intended to promote compassion and care for those in need, but what they really do is promote dependence. Instead of paying for people to remain out of work, it would be best to encourage job growth.

Obamacare will, by its requirements, reduce the already slim profit margins for insurance companies, driving them from business. The law requires that Health and Human Services determine if requests to raise rates by more than 10 percent are permissible.

Additionally, it has already begun to cause premium increases, with certain portions starting to take effect. According to the New York Times (a liberal publication), rates in Florida and Ohio have increased by over 20 percent.

Finally, it will cause some employers and individuals to avoid insurance altogether. With the increasing premiums, employers may opt to pay the penalty rather than providing insurance for their employees.

This isn’t compassionate. It harms those in need, limiting their health insurance options and raising taxes on an already downtrodden economy.

Why do we need a 2.3 percent excise tax in the sale of medical devices? That will simply harm jobs and limit innovation in an advanced economic sector.

Medicare and Medicaid have, over the past several years, in efforts to reduce spending, cut reimbursements to doctors. So, in essence, hard-working medical professionals are not being compensated fairly.

That’s not to mention that these programs are expanding rapidly. Health spending accounted for 22 percent of the federal budget in 2012. Social Security was slightly behind. These programs are going to dominate the federal budget in an unsustainable way.

Additionally, these programs are projected to become insolvent in coming decades, according to the Congressional Budget Office and the programs’ trustees. By 2033, Social Security will have exhausted its fund, and at least one Medicare fund in 2024.

In other words, people have become dependent upon these programs, but inevitable cuts will cause them significant harm.

As it stands, federal spending is, for all intents and purposes, unrestrained. With deficits exceeding $1 trillion per year for the the Obama presidency thus far, the record clearly demonstrates that leftist policies are persistent in their irresponsibility with taxpayer money.

The same laws intended to promote compassion caused the housing crisis. In 1977, President Jimmy Carter signed into law the Community Reinvestment Act, which was intended to promote lending among low-income communities. This law simply served as the catalyst for the 2008 economic crisis. It forced banks to lend money to people who would not pay their mortgages, either in full or at all.

Had this law not been enacted, the housing crisis would not have occurred. For those of you who disagree, I pose the question: what were this act’s intentions?

Our national debt has grown to over 100 percent of GDP, which is very dangerous territory. We share company such as Greece and Ireland, with significant deficits projected for the next several years. Adding to this will only increase the burden on our generation. After all, someone has to pay this back. Who do you think will be doing so?

Also, keep in mind that debt also involves interest payments. As the amount of money that our government borrows expands, the interest will continue to rise, requiring the allocation of even more money to this pursuit. In 2012, interest payments accounted for six percent of the federal budget.

Having given all of these examples of liberal policies and their outcomes, I will conclude by stating that the fundamentals are problematic. Liberal beliefs are fundamentally flawed. Instead of emphasizing material equality, they should, as conservatives do, consider the equality of opportunity. Not everyone will be successful, nor will each member of society suffer under a capitalist system. However, there is no better form of fairness than to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed.

The record is clear: in Europe, socialist policies have resulted in economic crises and efforts to reduce spending so as to return stability to national finances in nations such as Greece and Italy.

Turn away from these policies. If you embrace conservatism and vote for conservative candidates, this country will benefit greatly.

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