Saving the Country

Educating Conservatives, Converting Liberals

Free Market Health Care

Conservatives and our libertarian cousins have developed a number of proposals that will counter the onerous burdens of government, removing costly regulation, expanding health care accessibility, and making insurance and care competitive. 1. Abolish Medicare and Medicaid. Combined, they cost roughly $1 trillion, especially after we take into account interest paid on the debt. Medicare‚Äôs […]

Homosexuality and Evolution

It occurs to me that homosexuality has no evolutionary value whatsoever. While advocates of the disproven theory argue that everything should have a benefit that would have come about naturally, it is clear that homosexual behavior certainly would not. It doesn’t enhance the fitness of a population or an individual organism, and it has no […]


While engaged in a typical internet browsing session, I had a sudden realization: the Left has no issue invoking a nonexistent “separation of church and state,” though this can’t be found in the Constitution, but it persists in encouraging government involvement virtually everywhere else. This is just another left wing contradiction.

Knife Control

According to news sources, there was a stabbing incident at a Texas college today. Interestingly, a firearm was not used. So, when will the anti-knife (or sharp instrument) crusade begin. According to the liberals, it would seem that we should take measures to protect the public from sharp objects. Seriously, though, we have to consider […]

Inequality is Good

Public discourse today often suggests that wealth inequality is problematic. Left-wing politicians and pundits will decry the lack of parity between the rich, middle class, and poor, pointing to the high executive/worker income ratio. However, their rhetoric is misleading. Inequality isn’t bad at all. In fact, it is indicative of a healthy society that functions […]

South Korean Singers and American Force

You may remember the Korean singer (PSY) who viciously criticized American soldiers several years ago, with the controversy developing last year. One wonders what he’s thinking now, with North Korean rhetoric and the possibility of war breaking out within the Korean peninsula. Perhaps he’s thankful that our military is present to offer support, if need […]

State GOP

According to this article, New Jersey GOP governor Chris Christie leads his likely November opponent by 35 points. Now, mind you, this is in a blue state. Despite conservative opinion of the governor, this should be a lesson to Republicans across the country: you can win. The party isn’t dead, though the Democrats may […]

Give us Choices

While debating with liberals, I often find that they argue for their programs and policies from the standpoint of compassion. As you are likely aware, the Left often points to government as the source of compassionate action, protecting the needy and downtrodden from rapacious capitalists. However, we conservatives dispute that. From our standpoint, forcing citizens […]

Liberal Policies Haven’t Succeeded

Liberalism has failed to achieve its goals. The American left has, time and time again, provided this country with problems which grow to extreme extents. Unfortunately, millions of Americans believe that leftist policies are the path to eliminating the problems that we face, whether these are rising healthcare costs, social inequality, or issues with human […]

Why I’m a Conservative

Why, you might ask, am I a conservative? For what reason do I believe that limited government should be the emphasis? Why do I wholeheartedly support the principles of individual liberty and responsibility? In short, the answer is this: my conservatism exists because this much-maligned philosophy is the only one that guides effective government. the […]

The American Liberal

Liberals are ruining the United States of America. There is no other way to describe what they are doing. This nation has witnessed uncontrolled leftism (or, as Hillary Clinton would say, progressivism) in several forms, from the Wilson administration’s fascist assault on freedom to the implementation of the ill-conceived Social Security apparatus to the family-destroying, […]

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Why Healthcare Must Remain Private

There has been much debate about the nature of the healthcare system, as it has recently been subject to the reform efforts of the Obama Administration and the liberal Congress that reigned from January 2007 to January 2011. Much propaganda has been produced by the Left as it attempts to justify its takeover of the […]

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My Dream for America

Here, I will detail a conservative vision of the United States of America, one that incorporates our beliefs and analyzes the facts to generate an accurate picture of a country that truly embodies our Constitution, as well as the fundamental beliefs espoused by conservatives. We have a vision of a truly prosperous America, one in […]

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A Conservative Education Policy

The full-blown liberal assault on our education should be one of the greatest causes of concern among conservatives and those who are interested in the future of this country. The importance of education policy cannot be underestimated. He who controls the flow of information to our next generation will control the paradigm of public policy. […]

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How to Create Jobs 101

One of the most important issues as we proceed through this election season is unemployment. With official unemployment at 8.3%, according to the Bureau of labor Statistics, the true economic recovery has not yet begun at all. It is important to note that actual unemployment statistics, including those who have stopped looking for jobs during […]

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